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Updated 10/25/2001

My name is Keith, I am a fifty two (Yikes! but I feel thirtyish most times!) year old divorced father of two boys Kevin twenty-eight and Eric now twenty-five and Grandfather to Kevin's two children 4 year old Kacey and 2 year old Britni Nicole, and Eric's 6 year old Spencer.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma I now live on beautiful Lake Tenkiller, located in the Cookson Hills of east central Oklahoma. I can see the lake and Tenkiller dam from my front window. It's close enough to walk to but easier to drive to and I have been here for about seventeen years now. I come from a water loving family.

Through the week I only occasionally work in a machine shop which I own doing everything you can imagine from fixing parts to making new ones. I have now shut the shop down for the most part because more increasingly my time is spent at the computer designing and maintaining websites or on the road doing service work on computers. I'm not the best in the world but I hold my own and everyone seems pleased with my work work. I manage to squeak out a modest living.

Likes !

I like going to Sprint car races on Saturday night where I crew a wrecker. My oldest Son, his Father-in-law, and myself have put together a retired "Modified" (forerunner to todays sprints) that my son uses as a push car and is it ever fun, defiantly a hit at the track. This year we put together a truck that we use as a wrecker to haul cars off the track when they need.

I haven't been roller skating very much this year because of one reason or another, I had gone every Saturday afternoon for about the last fifteen years and I need to get back to it, I really miss skating. I especially enjoy the children and the exercise doesn't hurt either.

This year came with many changes. I used to spend Sundays out on a twenty-nine foot sail boat on beautiful Lake Tenkiller with my long time friends Mel and Carolyn Root who own the boat. We had sailed together for more years than I like to admit. This year it's just me and Mel and it's on Lake Eufaula, 45 miles away. Sadly on May 31, 2001 Mel lost his wife (and my best friend) to a diving accident while on vacation in the Caribbean. She was 49. Life has been altered in ways I could not imagine. In updating these pages I will add my personal thoughts about Carolyn's life very soon.

Computer !

In January '95' I acquired my first computer, an old dos machine, and from that day on I was hooked. Seems like I just can't get enough. I have been through more upgrades than I can count and have many more on my wish list. I now have a ABIT raid board with an AMD Athlon 1.33 gig w/ 768 megs of ram, a 30 gig ATA 100 HD (this machine steps right along), Zip drive, an ATI All in Wonder Pro AGP video card (I can watch TV on my computer now !), a diamond Stealth 3D card for the second monitor, a Sound Blaster Live sound card, Creative Labs 3D desk speakers with Yamaha sub-woofer, a new 1200 dpi Acer scanner, HP820 cxi printer, 21" main monitor and 17" second monitor, and finally a 12/10/32 CDRW. I have come a ways in almost seven years and have never regretted a single minute.

Internet !

In April '97' we finally got local internet service in my area and a whole new experience opened up for me. I knew that it was probably a neat place to go from watching others go on line but I had no idea just how much fun it really is. Seems I can barely get anything else done these days. Now have come web pages and another learning experience. First DOS then WINDOWS now HTML and I know a lot more concerning web site construction. I don't think I will ever run short of things to learn.

I now offer solid, basic Web Site Construction, if you would like to have your own site or have one maintained by me get in touch and we'll see what we can do.
I pride myself on excellent navigation and reasonable loading times and insist on good graphics.
I currently have 27 sites either under construction or in maintenance state and the list grows !

All in All !

I think I pretty much enjoy life and look forward to the future and what it may hold (even in todays trying times). My hope is always with the children and anything I can do to make life better for them is worthwhile.


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